Rothe House

In 1594, when the Italian Renaissance was at its height,a wealthy merchant called John Rothe, built this magnificent Tudor mansions. Second and third generation houses were built around the coblloed courtyards and a well dating to 1604. the facade houses shops, one of them was John Rothe own emporium. The house would have been very comfortably furnished by the standards of the day.

During the Confederation of Kilkenny, many dignitaries were entertained here by John Rothe and his cousin, the Bishop of OssoryThe building has been restored magnificently and is now home to Kilkenny Archaeological Society and the national headquarters of the Heritage Council.

It is an example of a typical middle class house from the Tudor period. It consists of three stone buildings divided by cobbled court yards. The building contains an interesting collection of pictures and artefacts from Kilkenny’s past.